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Report parking issues

It is not always appropriate to report a parking issue to the Council. If there are no parking restrictions present, no enforcement action can be taken by us. A vehicle must be parked on or adjacent to the restriction for us to take enforcement action.

For self-help guidance and further information on when to report an issue to us, please refer to our Problem parking webpage.

Penalty charges

You CANNOT appeal your Penalty Charge through this form. Your appeal must be in writing. Please follow the appeals procedure on the back of the Penalty Charge Notice.

Dropped crossing enforcement

If there is no H bar marking, no enforcement action can be taken by the Council. If you would like to make enquiries with regards to applying for a H bar marking, please visit our dropped kerb (or to extend a dropped kerb) webpage.

Enforcement outside schools

Please note that Schools are patrolled and enforced on a regular rota basis. Refer to School Parking webpage for further information.

Pavement and grass verge parking

Please note that if there are no restrictions on the road adjacent to the pavement, no enforcement action can be taken by the Council. See pavement and grass verge parking webpage for further information.