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Report a stray or lost dog

You may use this form to report a lost dog or to inform us you have found a stray dog.

Lost dogs

To assist with your efforts in being reunited with your dog, please report it to us and we will contact you if we have a dog we believe matches your description at our kennelling facility.

If you have access to social media ie Facebook, it may also be beneficial to put the details of your dog on your local groups pages.

Stray Dogs

Dogs unaccompanied by an owner in a public place are considered to be stray dogs. If you find a stray dog and you know the owner, please return it as soon as possible or alert the owner of its whereabouts.

Stray dogs which cannot be identified should be reported to us and we will arrange for the dog to be collected from you.

We will attempt to return the dog to its owner (if known) or alternatively house it in kennels or provide veterinary care if needed.

Strays can be reported to us at any time but will only be responded to between our working hours of 8am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

You may only report one dog using this form. If you need to report more than one dog please complete an additional form.